How is ‘Sell House for Cash’ Different from Other Methods?

The recent surge of selling houses “for cash” has intrigued and confused many home sellers. The confusion majorly arises from the term that insinuates buyers as people on a house-hunt with a bag full of cash and will close the deal once given the nod of agreement. However, the reality of this concept is quite different. Not only is this perception wrong, but it also invites suspicion towards a completely legitimate procedure of selling property. So let’s understand it better by comparing the different methods.

The Conventional Home Selling Method.

The mere mention of property selling or buying brings the image of a real estate agent to mind. One starts by hiring a licensed and experienced realtor, and thus, the process and paperwork begin. They sign up a contract with the seller delineating the details of their services and charges. Once everything is finalized, they assist in getting the inspection and valuation done of the property before listing it through their website. It is still a long way to go as the showings are arranged, or you may choose to stage an open house.

Only after a buyer shows sincere interest and presents an offer can one start hoping to approach the final closing of the property. All these processes are time-consuming, taxing, and can cost you money if the inspection requires you to get some necessary repairs done. Through this long-winding process, sellers are usually able to finalize the sale between 30 to 90 days.

Selling House for Cash Changing Timelines.

As the traditional method of selling houses takes a backseat for more convenient modes, homeowners are welcoming the idea of selling homes for cash. This relatively new concept has taken the real estate market by a storm as registered businesses like Managed By Elite offer prices for buying residential properties in the “as-is” condition in New Jersey. The concept of ‘buy for cash’ is slightly different than what is perceived by commonfolk. Instead of people coming with wads of cash at your doorstep, the offers are made by licensed realtors or a team from a renowned company who have the capacity to pay you upfront through cash or cheque once the sale closes.

This is the main difference that the buyer of your house doesn’t have to rely on the mortgage approval from their lender. Moreover, the benefits of selling a house for cash are multifarious for home sellers, especially those who’re in a rush to sell their property quickly, whether it’s due to foreclosure, bankruptcy, family disputes, or simply don’t want to get into the hassle of massive repairs. The biggest advantage is that home sellers enjoy the faster closing timeline and the risk-free, quick payment. Managed By Elite is a team of licensed and skilled real estate agents offering their expertise in helping you close the sale on your residential property. We deal in all houses across New Jersey, in any condition. Yes, we don’t require you to produce any inspection certificate, nor will you have to spend a penny on repairs. Our methods are simple and straightforward. Fill out the request form to know more!

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